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Saint-Aubin Domaine Gerard Thomas

Elegant Burgundy in a Bottle


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The Saint-Aubin Domaine Gerard Thomas wines come from a precious piece of Burgundy's hallowed ground. Renowned for their balance and elegance, these wines offer a tasting journey that resonates with the unique terroir of Saint-Aubin, a testament to the meticulous craft of the product.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Saint-Aubin Domaine Gerard Thomas wines offer a harmonious symphony of aromas and flavors. On the nostril, you’re greeted with captivating aromatic bouquet—with notes of ripe apple, pear, hint of citrus fruits, and delicate floral undertones, a prelude to the tasting experience. Upon tasting, the signature crispness hits the palate—a lively representation of the unique terroir. Each sip sings ripe apple underscored by mineral notes, resulting in a well-rounded wine with remarkable balance and structure. The finale reveals a lingering, refreshing finish, gracefully completing the wine’s narrative and leaving the palate primed for the next sip.

### Pairings & Suggestions

The melodic notes of Gerard Thomas wines shine when paired with delectable cuisine. Seafood dishes like buttery scallops, steamed mussels, or creamy lobster risotto match the crisp acidity and mineral undertones of the wine. Equally, poultry dishes like lemon-roasted chicken with herbs or creamy mushroom risotto can complement the wine’s nuances of ripe apples and fragrant florals. Block of soft, tangy cheese like Camembert or Brie can bring forward the wine’s delicate complexity. ### A Generational Symphony of Vines and Wines

The electoral charm of the Saint-Aubin Domaine Gerard Thomas wines springs from the fascinating story of their genesis. In the heart of the Côte des Blancs—a parcel of Burgundy’s wine country resides the vineyards of Gerard Thomas. The family-owned estate has passed down through generations, cultivating Chardonnay grapes on limestone-rich slopes that catch the morning sun. The Thomas family, now in its fourth generation, continues to honor the winemaking traditions while embracing organic practices and biodiversity in their vineyards. In the cellar, they adopt minimalist interventions to let the terroir speak for itself, creating wines of remarkable finesse and elegance that truly echo their origins.

Storage Instructions

To preserve their quality, store these wines in a cool, dark place, ideally at a consistent temperature around 55°F (12 - 14°C). Protect them from light, humidity, and strong odors, ensuring the wines remains rested horizontally, maintaining the cork’s humidity, and assuring the wine’s longevity.