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La Dalia Smoked Paprika Spicy

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La Dalia’s Pimentón De La Vera Picante, or Spicy, adds color, flavor, and kick to your dishes

Pimentón De La Vera Picante (spicy), or hot smoked paprika, has an acidic, pungent flavor that goes well with barbecued meats, roasted potatoes, and a number of other Spanish meals, including paella. It’s milled with a blend of three distinct varieties of Spanish peppers. This smokey, deeply flavored paprika is gently spicy but not overpowering. Use this paprika to add color and flavor to rice dishes, stews, meats, and vegetables.

La Dalia is the original and best brand of Pimentón De La Vera, and they still make the tastiest, most flavorful smoked paprika in Spain with stone mills. Each year in early October, the peppers required to make La Dalia Pimentón De La Vera are hand-harvested. The peppers are delivered to wooden smokehouses filled with the smoke of encina oak wood fires shortly after harvesting. The peppers are cured in this powerful smoke for 15 days. La Dalia grinds the peppers on ancient granite millstones once they’ve dried, producing a silky, rust-red paprika that’s both profoundly flavorful and smoky. La Dalia was the first enterprise to create La Vera’s famous smoked paprika, which was founded in 1913. This family has owned land for generations.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.