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Thumbnail 1 - Artequeso Manchego Curado with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artequeso Manchego Curado with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Exquisite Cheese with Mediterranean Soul

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Artequeso Manchego Curado with Extra Virgin Olive Oil embodies the essence of artisanal Spanish cheesemaking. Hailing from La Mancha, Spain, this exquisite cheese is a harmonious blend of raw Manchegan sheep's milk and fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil, offering a sensorial delight that is robust, nutty, and slightly caramelized.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Crafted by Artequeso, a family-owned artisanal cheese producer, this Manchego Curado is a testament to quality, tradition, and innovation. The cheese greets you with its intense aroma, accentuated by the hints of the olive oil infusion. The first bite reveals a strong royal taste that dares to command your palate’s attention, revealing a blend of savory nuances of nuts and a whisper of caramel. Enjoy the journey as the Manchego gracefully crumbles in your mouth, leaving a trail of flavors that linger, demanding their recognition. The brilliance of adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil elevates its profile, adding a subtle fruity and peppery imprint, thus enhancing the cheese’s characteristic complexity. This unique flavor fusion has been perfected over a firm and slightly crumbly texture that manages to strike a balance between creaminess and crumble.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Cheese Boards and Charcuterie: Complement this cheese with some Serrano ham, marinated olives, and crusty bread. A drizzle of honey or a sweet marmalade contrasts brilliantly against its richness. \n- Wine Pairing: The robust character of this cheese pairs well with a hearty Spanish Tempranillo or a dry Sherry. The berry notes and spice of the red wine or the nuttiness of the Sherry complement the strong flavors of the cheese.\n- Cooking: Use this cheese to enhance the flavors of your pasta, risotto or even a simple omelette. Its unique taste gives your dishes a delightful gourmet twist.

    A Legacy of Cheesemaking Excellence

Carrying on four generations of cheesemaking excellence, Artequeso stands proudly as a beacon of artisanal tradition in La Mancha, Spain. The owners – the Alvarez Valera family – began as humble farmers with a dream to convert their top-quality raw sheep’s milk into exceptional cheese. Their unwavering commitment to preserving their cultural heritage and maintaining authentic production practices plays a significant role in shaping the brand’s identity. The infusion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn’t just an innovative twist – it exemplifies their commitment to pushing boundaries while staying true to their roots.

Storage Instructions

For optimal preservation, store the Artequeso Manchego Curado in a cool, dry place, preferably at 18-20ºC. Wrap it in wax paper to maintain its freshness and aroma. It is essential to avoid plastic wrap or airtight containers, as the cheese needs to breathe. Once cut, cover the exposed surface to prevent it from drying. Refrigeration is unnecessary unless the cheese has been opened for an extended period.