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Simonsig The Garland Cabernet Sauvignon


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Classy, pungent, well-balanced, and renowned - this wonderful wine has been matured for your tasting pleasure.

Hailing from the world-famous Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, this beautiful wine is the utmost expression of class and balance from world-renowned winery Simonsig. Created with single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, this extremely well-balanced wine showcases not only the potential of South African wines, but the single grape wines from a single vineyard. Simplicity at its finest. Perfection in simplicity.

When drinking this wine, partakers will be greeted with a deep ruby red with hues of purple in different lights, typical of an excellent Cab Sav. On the nose, black fruits and berries such as black plums and blackcurrants shine through. On the palate, a beautiful explosion of spices and fruits are noticeable. Black plum, raspberry, vanilla, tobacco, and oak are the forward, most noticeable thoughts here. A rather long finish with excellent tannins and acidity, this wine is bold in flavor and a superbly refreshing draught.

While this is a Cab Sav and will pair excellently with an excellent steak - a piece of meat equivalent to the standard of this wine - it is rare indeed when one could say that this wine, like an oyster from Cancale, should be enjoyed on its own. Simply crack open a bottle and let breathe for an hour or so. Decant should you wish. Enjoy on a Spring afternoon with thoughts of winter swiftly leaving the air to make way for a long hot summer.

Storage Instructions

Store your unopened bottle in a cool, dry, and dark place safe from constant vibration. Keep your bottle horizontal in a wine rack or cellar to retain the moistness of the cork. The ideal temperature for storage is between 7 to 15°C. Once opened, a bottle will be good for 3 to 5 days standing upright in the refrigerator.