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Jean Brunet Duck Paté With Armagnac

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This duck pâté from France's High Pyrenees area is infused with the burned smokiness of traditional French Armagnac and recalls visions of cold nights cuddled up by the fire with a selection of exquisite fingerfoods and wine. To preserve its natural tastes, it includes no coloring agents or preservatives.

Pâtés and terrines are classic picnic foods in France. Imagine lounging on a blanket in the Jardin de Luxembourg, surrounded by wine, cheeses, breads, and market-fresh fruit—with the pièce de résistance sitting in a beautiful glass jar. Duck and goose goods, which are less frequent than chicken products, have a more gamy flavor. Jean Brunet adds the mild fruitiness and toffee-like overtones of Armagnac to an already tasty combination of liver and other select meat pieces.

A little Dijon mustard or spicy chutney compliments the pâté’s rich tastes. Spread some on a fresh baguette piece. Layer a tablespoon of pâté on top, then finish with a beautiful cornichon (gherkins) for an acidic contrast. A light, luscious red wine is an appropriate way to end your picnic dinner. You won’t be sorry if you choose a Beaujolais or Cabernet Franc.

In the late 1800s, the Brunet family established their first foray into the gourmet market as a charcuterie company. Only in the 1960s, when Jean Brunet began experimenting with pâtés and terrines, did the enterprise earn national and eventually international acclaim. Even after a century, the company’s motto remains “tradition and innovation.”

Storage Instructions

Store unopened containers of pâté in a cool, dry pantry. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we recommend you consume it as soon as possible!