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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Cinco Jotas 100% Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Whole leg)

Cinco Jotas 100% Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Whole leg)


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This bone-in black-label jamón ibérico, imported directly from Jabugo in Sierra de Huelva, Spain, will be the talk of your dinner gatherings. The dehesas are delivered to your table for your enjoyment. This set includes a beautiful knife and holder for jamon.

Cinco Jotas has been making ham for 150 years, using pigs raised in the dehesas of Jabugo in the Sierra de Huelva using only pure-bred Iberian black pigs. Jamón ibérico can be produced in this region only in four other places in Spain. Cinco Jotas in Jabugo naturally cures hams from 2-year-old pigs for three years. Toasted hazelnut, moist wood, wild-flower nectars, and the aroma of freshly roasted acorns fill the air when you bite into the succulent flesh.

To completely enjoy the ham’s scent and flavor, cut the ham into small, thin slices after cutting through the fat layer. You may get a taste of all this haunch has to offer by slicing it into different parts. To get the most out of your jamón, it’s customary in Spain to eat it with your fingers.

If you like, you can eat the ham on its own or with slices of toasted bread and tomatoes. We suggest pairing it with a Manchego, an equally cheesy alternative. Enjoy your meal with a glass of quality sherry like Manzanilla, Cava, or other bubbly wines.

It was at Jabugo in 1879 that the Cinco Jotas firm began making ham from cured pig’s s stomach. Acorn is the essential ingredient that gives the pata negra its distinctive flavor, and the dehesas there have been home to it for hundreds of years in an unmatched environment.

For the best flavor and texture in their ham and other goods, Cinco Jotas’ cellars maintain the ideal combination of humidity and temperature. Each and every product that leaves there is guaranteed to be of the highest possible standard.

Storage Instructions

Store ham in a cool, dry area to preserve and increase its shelf life. The recommended serving temperature for ham is 17-22o C. If you need a carving board, please let us know. We have a supply.