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Distelleria Zanin Grappa Da Prosecco

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Primarily made of pomace from the Prosecco white berries. Expertly distilled with copper stills and purified for its crisp clean taste.

Grappa Prosecco is created by distilling pomace from the Veneto region’s Prosecco wine production. It is a youthful, crystal clear grappa that imparts a taste of the simplicity of the white grapes used in its production. On the nose, it packs a floral scent with an undertone of fresh fruits. It tastes clean and polished, even a little “crunchy,” with yeast notes that add to its vibrant nature.

Grappa Di Prosecco contains 40% volume of alcohol and is refined in stainless steel tanks. It is aged for at least 6-8 months before being bottled, allowing the flavors to mingle and balance.

It has won a number of accolades from awarding bodies such as: Alambicco D’Oro, Brussels Spirits Awards and Destilata Special.

Grappa Prosecco from Zanin goes particularly well with milk and dark chocolate (60-70%), jams, tarts and cantucci biscuits. Serve neat in a narrow-neck glass or a tulip glass at a temperature of 14-18° C., leaving it to breathe for about 1 minute after pouring, before the first sip.

Storage Instructions

Store Grappa upright, in an area away from direct sunlight and heat. Make sure it’s tightly closed once opened. You may refrigerate, as Grappa is usually served chilled. It will last indefinitely, but if aroma, appearance, and taste become different and strange, discard.