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Cremeux de Bourgogne-Delin Brand


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This wonderful cheese is a favorite of cheese lovers around the world and should be featured on every cheese board.

Crémeux de Bourgogne is, simply put, a luxurious cheese. This cheese is a triple creme cheese featuring cows milk from Brogogne. When a cheese is marked as triple creme this means that the cows milk used is 75% fat, creating an extremely creamy, silky cheese.

The Crémeux de Bourgogne features a bloomy rind, but is extremely soft and spreadable on the inside. The cheese itself offers stark lactic notes, but presents a sweetness that counters these notes and offers extra character. Notes of grass and nuts can also be observed.

This delicious cheese is wonderful on a cheese board featuring soft cheeses and works wonderfully with fresh crusty bread as well as crackers.

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge.