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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Delaviuda Dark Chocolate Bombones Sugar-Free

Delaviuda Dark Chocolate Bombones Sugar-Free


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Delicious, rich, intense, and flavorful chocolate morsels from Delaviuda.

Delaviuda is a brand synonymous with quality and chocolate confections. The same is definitely true for their 70% dark chocolate bombones, also known as bonbons. Each bite-sized piece of heaven is filled with creamy dark chocolate that is intense, rich, and bitter-sweet.

These chocolates are so addictive, that what started out as a quick snack will most definitely end up with an empty box. Before you polish off this delicious box of bonbons, try pairing the chocolates with a glass of Port or Sherry. A good, smoky whiskey, like a scotch, will pair very well with these chocolates as well. The peatiness will complement the rich, dark flavors of the chocolate.

Buy these chocolates as a gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, or simply gift it to a chocolate lover. Purchasing these chocolates for yourself is not only accepted, it is highly recommended!

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.