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La Misión Sauvignon Blanc

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Vibrant, Refreshing, Elegantly Balanced

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La Misión Sauvignon Blanc is a radiant embodiment of the grace and vibrancy of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina. Its predominantly citrus aroma, seamlessly balanced flavor profile, and smooth texture offer a refreshing and harmonious wine experience.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

A taste of La Misión Sauvignon Blanc is an invigorating journey through a tapestry of nuanced flavors. A prominent bouquet of citrus greets the senses, punctuated by notes of grapefruit and lime that are joyously lively and electric in their clarity. There’s a gentle whisper of tropical fruits like pineapple and passion fruit, adding an intriguing layer to the aroma profile. The brightness of the citrus flavors is brilliantly embodied in the wine, with the taste of grapefruit and lime gracefully pirouetting on the palate. A gentle thread of straw flavor loops around the citrus motifs, creating a beautifully complex ensemble. The finale is a mineral-driven finish that tickles and titillates, leaving behind a crisp aftertaste so vivid, you’re almost living inside the flavor. A velvety texture masterfully carries these flavors, gliding over the tongue with light, elegant twirls. It’s a well-rounded symphony of taste that impressively embodies the unique persona of Sauvignon Blanc.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • The zesty and bright nature of La Misión SB makes it a culinary chameleon capable of complementing a myriad of dishes. It shines best when paired with seafood, be it a delicate plate of grilled shrimp or the tantalizing tang of ceviche.
  • Its vibrant burst of citrus flavors delightfully mirror the ones in a refreshing citrus salad.
  • Goat cheese on fresh greens tossed in a light vinaigrette sings a melodious duet with La Misión SB’s crisp, refreshing qualities.
  • Light pasta dishes flavored with lemon zest and fresh herbs, or donned in a vibrant pesto sauce, are beautifully juxtaposed against the wine’s bright notes.
  • La Misión SB does not disappoint when served alongside light cheeses like tangy goat and feta, bringing out their delicious subtleties to the fore.

    A Symphony in Every Sip: Uncovering La Misión Sauvignon Blanc’s Mendoza Roots

La Misión Sauvignon Blanc is the result of a meticulously executed ballet of winemaking, rooted in the high-altitude vineyards of Valle de Uco in Mendoza, Argentina. Known for its ideal grape-cultivating temperatures and unique alluvial soil, the Valle de Uco region enriches the grapes with a character that vibrantly blossoms in its wine. The efforts of the region’s winemakers, who marry tradition with modern advancements, give rise to La Misión Sauvignon Blanc’s refreshing brightness. A testament to their labor of love, the wine’s distinctive flavor, remarkable clarity, and smooth texture stand as an embodiment of their dedication to showcasing the unique terroir in each bottle.

Storage Instructions

This gem of a Sauvignon Blanc deserves careful storage for it to retain its full potential. Aim for a cool and moderately humid environment, with temperatures at a consistent 45-50°F (7-10°C). Shield the bottle from direct sunlight, which can trigger premature aging and oxidation. Avoid extreme temperature changes and strong odors. Keep your bottle horizontally to ensure the cork remains moist, further preventing unwanted oxidization.