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Château Rieussec Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes


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A wonderful Sauternes perfectly representing the Sauternes region and the wines produced here.

The Château Rieussec Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes by Château Rieussec is located in Sauterne - a location most famous for the sweet wines produced here. What makes the wines so unique from this region is the abundant growth of noble rot which gives the grapes a sort of raisin texture and flavor. The result is a rich, fruity wine that is an absolute joy to drink.

The same is saide for the Château Rieussec Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes. This beautiful wine offers a pungent sweetness that is best saved for deserts and after dinner drinks. It is extremely bold and presents a delicious minerality and acidity that perfectly balances the wine. To the eye: a beautiful golden straw-yellow is presented. On the nose: notes of citrus and ripe, white fruits are observed with hints of honey and white flowers. On the palate: much of the same - lemon, apricot, and honey are noticed with a delicious minerality cutting through the richness of the wine. The finish is long and enjoyable with a plethora of characteristics to enjoy.

This delicious wine is easy to enjoy on its own. It is best consumed after a delicious meal as a dessert itself, or paired with other sweet fare.

Storage Instructions

Store your unopened bottle in a cool, dry, and dark place safe from constant vibration. Keep your bottle horizontal in a wine rack or cellar to retain the moistness of the cork. The ideal temperature for storage is between 7 to 15°C. Once opened, a bottle will be good for 3 to 5 days standing upright in the refrigerator.