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As Laxas Sensum Brut Albariño

A Symphony of Spain's Bountiful Grapes


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Indulge in an expression of Galicia’s rich winemaking legacy with As Laxas Sensum Brut Albariño. Unfurling a symphony of passion and dedication, this effervescent delight is an enchanting blend of the classic Albariño variety and traditional sparkling wine production techniques – a labor of love by the prestigious Bodega As Laxas, ensconced in the verdant hills of the legendary Rías Baixas region.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The As Laxas Sensum Brut Albariño offers an enticing feast of flavors. From your first sip, you are greeted by a melodious bouquet of aromas – the gentle whisper of caramel blending effortlessly with the bright, invigorating notes of green apple, the comforting richness of brioche entwined with delicate floral undertones of blossom. Stay a while longer, and you’ll notice the subtle biscuit aroma, reminiscent of a leisurely afternoon in a secluded Galician café, further nuanced by the exotic flair of pineapple and the invigorating burst of lemon citrus. On the palate, the medium-plus body of the wine unfurls a tantalizing medley of dessert apples, sundrenched tangerines, and the blush of white peaches, an aria in harmony with prickles of yeast. Just when you think you’ve grasped all its secrets, the As Laxas Sensum Brut Albariño reveals a crescendo of unexpected mystery, subtle traces of anise that leave you craving the next sip. Amidst this grand performance, you will find a recurrent conductor – a pleasantly dry and texturally diverse profile. The chalky minerality brings a balanced composition, juxtaposed by the vital acidity and a genteel, soft finish, a fitting curtain fall to a sensory masterpiece.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Serve this sparkling delight alongside a platter of Grilled Shrimp Skewers, the robust flavors of the seafood enhancing the wine’s fruity accents.\n- Pair with Oysters Rockefeller, where the wine balances the creaminess and the vibrant flavors of the dish wonderfully.\n- A refreshing Fish Ceviche harmonizes with the wine’s tangy notes while contrasting beautifully with its biscuit undertones.\n- Heartier cuisine, like Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken, stands up to the wine’s full-bodied flavor profile, while pork tenderloin intensifies the wine’s citrus notes and accentuates the smooth finish.\n

    A Dance Between Vintage Legacy and Contemporary Innovation

The Sensum Brut Albariño is a testament to the inheritance of winemaking traditions that extend deep into the heart of the Ferro family, continuing even today after over four generations. Carried forth from the hands of ancient winemakers, the Sensum Brut captures the age-old spirit of Spanish winemaking while encapsulating the changing rhythm of time. But it’s not just steeped in tradition, it’s revolutionary. Traditionally a still wine, the Albariño grapes, under the creativity and innovation of the winemakers at Bodega As Laxas, go through a secondary fermentation, lending the wine its delightful fizz. This unique transformation of Albariño, adds an unexpected spark of novelty to its traditional persona.

Storage Instructions

To maintain its charming vivacity, the As Laxas Sensum Brut Albariño should be stored in temperate conditions, around 10°C - 15°C. Like all other sparkling wines, it calls for a dark, cool storage space with humidity around 70%. Store the bottle horizontally to keep the cork moist, away from strong odors and vibrations. The elegant dance of flavors in this wine is best savored while it’s young, preferably within a few years from release.