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Martinez Lacuesta Vermouth Rojo


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This Vermouth, made in a homemade and traditional way, is herbaceous and botanical, with notes of orange, cinnamon and a finish of bitters.

A fortified wine, the Martinez Lacuesta Vermut Rojo opens with an earthy, woody note before a vanilla sweetness comes through. It is made with almost 30 different herbs and spices, which makes it quite complex and is the perfect Vermouth for a Manhattan and other well-loved cocktails. On the nose, because of its botanical inclusions, what comes through are notes of marjoram, orange, cinnamon and absinthe. On the palate, it is quite traditional with a sweetness and bitterness coming through at the end.

Originating from La Rioja, the Martinez Lacuesta winery started fortifying its wine with a very special formula from Jose Jove Arnabat, a producer from Villafranca del Penedes. Jose Martinez Lacuesta acquired and used this Conzia, which is Italian for botanicals, and started producing the vermouth and using a unique aging process that takes two-three years. Finally, it is then finished with sugar, citric acid and caramel, which gives it its complex, sweet and spicy notes.

Enjoy a variety of cocktails using this fortified wine. Crowd pleasers like Martinis (which make the cocktail “wet”), Negronis and Manhattans are perfect cocktails to make with the Martinez Lacuesta Vermut Rojo.

Storage Instructions

Store your unopened bottle of vermouth in a dark, cool pantry, ideally between 15 to 18C. unopened bottles can last up to 4 years. Once opened, you can store it in the refrigerator with its original stopper. Cold slows down oxidation, keeping your bottle as fresh as possible for up to 1 month.