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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Rioverde Spiced Gherkins

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Sweet, savory, crunchy, satisfying are just some of the adjectives one can use when describing Rioverde Seasoned Baby Gherkins.

Close your eyes. Imagine the most umami thing you can think of. If you’re not thinking of a seasoned baby gherkin, you will be after reading this short description. Gherkins are a smaller variety of cucumber, also known as ‘dill pickles’ (gherkins pickled with dill) or simply ‘pickles’ (as they are called in the US). Due to the pickling process, they absorb flavor very well and (should) retain a certain crunchiness. What do you think of when you think of gherkins? Sour, savory, sweet? The flavors one can experience when eating a gherkin are nearly endless.

Rioverde takes the gherkin one step further. Aside from the usual brining process when pickling gherkins, they also add different house blends of herbs and spices to the mix to give these amazing little vegetables an even heftier flavor. As a pickle lover, you do not want to miss having a jar (or 10) of these in your pantry.

Gherkins are often used in a variety of dishes to give a disting sour-umami contrast to an otherwise extremely salty meal (think burgers or even burger fries). Not only are they great as a contrast, but they are extremely yummy as a snack or part of a much larger charcuterie board. Whatever the reason, life would simply not be as delicious without gherkins.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.