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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Rioverde Gordal Olive with Hot Pepper

Rioverde Gordal Olive with Hot Pepper


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Beautiful gordal olives stuffed with Basque hot peppers and expertly prepared and packaged by world-famous Rioverde.

Gordal olives are one of the most famous olives in the world. These olives originally hail from Andalucia and have a firm, juicy bite. The word gordal translates to ‘the fat one’ thanks to the plumpness and juiciness of the olive. It is packed full of flavor and is popularly used for cocktails and preserves.

The gordal olives from Rioverde are simply delicious. Only the very best olives are used and expertly preserved. In this case, these olives are stuffed with spicy Basque peppers, which deliver a slight kick which is both tantalizing and fun. After stuffing, they are then preserved in a spiced brine which not only imparts extra flavor into the olives, but also helps to lock in the freshness. These delicious olives work perfectly as part of charcuterie plates and cheese boards. The real challenge is to not finish them all before serving.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Keep in fridge once opened.