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Rioverde Capucine Capers


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Rioverde Capucine Capers give bewildering explosions of flavor - perfect for adding life to many dishes.

If one were to ascribe a word to capers, one could think of capricious. The little flavor explosives seem to set off many different palate experiences and emotions at the same time. We know they’re salty, we know there is a floral-like aspect to them, but are they a little sour also? Maybe a little fishy? Capers have a bad rap. Because of their pungency, many people find them difficult to eat. But used in the right circumstance, they can elevate a dish to levels only achieved in Nirvana.

Rioverde Capucine Capers are slightly larger than the small non-pareil variety. Capucine capers are slightly softer than non-pareil so they can overcook quite easily if they are not attended to properly. Rioverde Capucine Capers work great in fish dishes, enhancing the subtle freshness of a fresh piece of fish. They also work great in cream sauces for chicken, as well. As with other pickled accouterments, they are a great side for your charcuterie board; they also work really well in salads, if you’re looking for that explosiveness to your dish. You can also whip up an amazing tartare sauce with gherkins and capers - perfect for your home-made fish and chips.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.