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Leyenda Piquillo Peppers


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Delicious, sweet, and flavorful peppers traditionally grown and harvested in Spain’s northeast.

Piquillo peppers, roughly translated as ‘little beak’ in English, are peppers grown in Spain’s northeast. They are sweet and present little to no heat - perfect for those avoiding spicy foods. These peppers are usually stuffed with an assortment of meats and/or seafood and are excellent as part of a tapas course.

Leyenda’s piquillo peppers are not stuffed. They are harvested, roasted, and then preserved in oil. The flavor of the peppers remain intact and lend a bit of their sweetness to the oil in which they are preserved.

These peppers are ready to eat, but can also be used to accompany a variety of dishes. A fresh, summer salad with these delicious peppers will definitely elevate the flavor profile to another level. Or perhaps gently stuffing these with bacalao will create the perfect appetizer to a delicious meal. They work excellently in sandwiches with roasted vegetables and as part of pasta dishes.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.