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Thumbnail 1 - Leyenda Leeks In Brine 5/7 Stems

Leyenda Leeks In Brine 5/7 Stems


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Deliciously potent leeks submerged and pickled in brine bring a whole ‘nother level of flavor to your dishes. A must-have for every pantry. Leyenda Leeks in Brine come in 660g bottles.

Leyenda Leeks in Brine are the perfect addition to every pantry and have a variety of uses in the kitchen. But what are leeks in brine? Essentially, they are pickled leeks that have been soaked in a vinegar / water / salt mixture with some extra herbs and spices added at the discretion of the pickler. These leeks have a nice acidity from the vinegar and bring a sweetness that occurs naturally in onions.

But what can these leeks in brine be used for? Due to their acidic properties from the vinegar, they work well as an accompaniment for fish, as well as other dishes that benefit from a sour contrast. Atsara comes to mind. They also work well in sauces. Try adding to your next batch of aioli or tartare sauce. The flavor of the leeks will lend itself very well to the sauces. Try also pairing this with grilled meats or simply thinly slice some up and use as a garnish on a salad.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.