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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Leyenda Garlic Sprouts (Brotes De Ajos Frescos)
Thumbnail 2 - Leyenda Garlic Sprouts (Brotes De Ajos Frescos)
Thumbnail 3 - Leyenda Garlic Sprouts (Brotes De Ajos Frescos)

Leyenda Garlic Sprouts (Brotes De Ajos Frescos)


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Brined and bottled garlic sprouts that are just as delicious cooked as they are eaten raw. Each bottle is 290g.

What are garlic sprouts? If one were to purchase a clove of garlic and leave it in a moist environment for an amount of time, the cloves would start to sprout. Bottled garlic sprouts are essentially this sprout which is harvested once it is long enough. The sprouts themselves provide a strong garlic flavor, but lack the sweetness of garlic cloves. They are excellent in savory dishes, or dishes where a stark savory contrast is required. They also offer an excellent texture that helps add character and body to an otherwise soft dish.

Leyenda Garlic Sprouts are harvested from the freshest garlic Spain has to offer. They are brined in a water / salt mixture and bottled. They are best eaten in salads, but are now seeing more action in omelets as they are an excellent replacement for chives and leeks (or green onions). For a garlic sprout omelet, simply procure the desired amount of garlic sprouts and rinse them thoroughly before using. Keeping the brine on is acceptable but may be overly salty and may not transfer well to the entire dish. Once drained, beat the desired amount of eggs. Add salt and pepper to your taste. In the pan, heat some olive oil and quickly fry the garlic sprouts. Reduce heat and add the egg mixture to the pan. Cook as normal, fold, flip and cook for evenness, and transfer to a plate.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.