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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Coquet Sundried Tomatoes In Oil

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Delicious, plump, and high-quality tomatoes that have been sundried then preserved in oil for freshness and flavor.

Coquet Sundried Tomatoes in OIl are made from the freshest tomatoes Spain has to offer. As tomatoes are 95% water, the reason behind sun drying this delicious fruit is that after all the water is evaporated the consumer is left with a dried tomato that is pure flavor. And indeed, this is true. The sweetness and intensity of sundried tomatoes cannot be matched.

Sundried tomatoes themselves are versatile and can be used to complement or elevate many dishes. They work well in pastas, as part of cheese boards or antipasti plates; they even work wonders on pizza and in salads. For your next aglio olio, try including these delicious sundried tomatoes alongside the olives and garlic.

The oil in which these tomatoes are preserved is sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is a heart healthy oil. It is low in saturated fat, while being high in unsaturated fat. Eating foods that are high in unsaturated fat have shown to decrease risks of stroke and heart disease. This oil not only has the subtle nuttiness commonly associated with sunflower oil, but also carries the flavor of the sundried tomatoes with it. Consider using this oil the next time you cook to carry that flavor into your dish.

Storage Instructions

Store your tin/jar in a cool, dark, and dry pantry. Store in fridge once opened.