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Thumbnail 1 - 1880 Turron de Jijona Almond & Honey Soft Bar

1880 Turron de Jijona Almond & Honey Soft Bar


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Deliciously playful soft turron made with the finest honey and almonds Spain has to offer!

Turron de Jijona is a Spanish soft nougat that was originally invented by the Moors over 500 years ago in the small town of Jijona. It was so popular and loved, it was quickly adopted and adored by the Spanish populace (before driving the Moors out of modern-day Spain) that it has been a part of Spanish tradition and holidays for centuries.

1880 Turron de Jijona Almond & Honey Soft Bar is a delicious soft nougat that is loved by many around Spain and the world. It is made with local, fresh almonds and honey. The almonds are slowly roasted and then mixed with the honey and beaten until a soft, nougat-like consistency forms. It is fresh, flavorful, and adored by many.

This delicious bar is best enjoyed on its own with a nice cup of dark coffee. It is best if the coffee is unsweetened to allow the turron de Jijona full control of your palate between sips and bites.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.