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El Almendro Milk Chocolate Almond Cubits

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Delicious almonds mixed with the silkiness of milk chocolate - few combinations have been better.

El Almendro was founded in Jijona (now known as Alicante), Spain in 1883 by Antonio Monerris Planelles. The first factory was opened in Jijona and he created his first batch of turron by 1885. The first two years were spent gaining experience and creating recipes. Over the next 100 years, the company expanded into what it is today, focusing on the purity of almonds and allowing this delicious nut to steal the show in all their creations.

The cubits are an interesting creation of El Almendro. Providing bite-sized snacks while delivering large flavors is not an easy thing to achieve. However they have done it with their Cubits. Predominantly almond, these snacks are mixed with a variety of ingredients to add contrast and texture - in this case milk chocolate. However, though there may be chocolate added, the almonds are always the belle of the ball in these snacks. Showcasing the beauty and freshness of El Almendro almonds, the supporting ingredients are never too much, or too little, they are always just right. Enjoy the subtle, soft flavors of almonds masterfully interspersed with milk chocolate to provide a kick to the senses.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Keep in fridge after opening.