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Doña Jimena Artisan Polvorones


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The Doña Jimena Artisan Polvorones are buttery, rich and sweet and are also nutty and crumbly, perfect as an after dinner snack or a midday bite.

The Doña Jimena Artisan Polvorones are classic and traditional Christmas cookies that are buttery, rich and impart a delicate nutty flavor because of the use of almonds. These confections are a staple in any Spanish home, especially during Christmas celebrations and festivities. When purchased, it would often symbolize the coming of Christmas, heralding cheer and good tidings.

Founded in 1961, Dona Jimena prides itself in using traditional recipes and methods in creating their product line of artisanal confections, sweet treats and goodies. Starting as a company that specialized in Christmas-themed sweets, they have diversified and expanded their products while still maintaining a strong hold on traditions, marrying culture and innovation in the creation of their products.

The Doña Jimena Artisan Polvorones is one such example of staying true to their traditional roots. Because of the amount of buttery richness, every bite is said to be crumbly, heavy, sweet goodness, just as it always has been. This is why it is a favorite in every Spanish home!

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.