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Leyenda Pedro Ximénez Sherry


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A sweet, flavorful sherry produced by Leyenda using 100% Pedro Ximénex grapes.

Leyenda Pedro Ximénez Sweet Sherry is a delicious sherry utilizing only Pedro Ximénez grapes. Pedro Ximénez grapes are unsuited for table wine as they produce wines with very low acidity, making them the perfect grape for sweetened sherry blends or single grape PX products.

The Leyenda Pedro Ximénez Sweet Sherry is no exception, and as the name suggests, it is a bold, sweet sherry that has very soft acidity. To the eye: deep notes of mahogany are observed with a certain rubiness shining through in certain lights. On the nose: deep, intense notes of dried dark fruits, such as raisins, plum, and figs, are noticed. Coffee and chocolate are also noticed. On the palate: Velvety, rich, and creamy on the tongue. Intense sweetness is noticed, making it the perfect digestif.

This delicious sherry pairs perfectly with strong, soft cheeses, such as blue cheese, stilton, and goats cheese. It is also perfect on its own as it aids in digestion after a heavy meal.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened bottles horizontally in a cool, dark place, ideally between 12 to 15C. Once opened, store the bottle upright in the refrigerator. Opened bottles can be stored from 4 to 6 weeks