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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Nortindal Paella Stock


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A ready-to-use paella stock from Nortindal that will make your next paella project that much easier.

When making paella, a daunting and time consuming task is the creation of the stock needed to prepare the delicious rice dish. However, with Nortindal’s paella stock, this arduous process can be skipped entirely and allow you to create a delicious paella in half the time. This stock comes preserved in a jar and has a shelflife of 4 years. It contains all the flavors needed for a delicious paella, including meat, seafood, and vegetable flavors condensed in this handy jar.

While all flavors needed for a delicious paella valenciana are included in this stock, your paella should still contain the other necessary ingredients, such as game (rabbit), chicken, and other vegetables.

Nortindal Paella Stock is indeed a blessing for those who are looking to enjoy a delicious paella without the hassle of making their own stock.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.