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La Dalia Ground Cinnamon


The Pinnacle of Spanish Cinnamon


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From sun-drenched La Vera, Spain, comes La Dalia Ground Cinnamon, a staple spice with unparalleled flavor. Boasting a profile that melds sweet, spicy, and aromatic undertones, this meticulously cultivated spice offers versatility and richness for both sweet and savory dishes.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

La Dalia Ground Cinnamon is an enthralling dance of exquisite tastes. From the warmth of aromatic fragrances that invades the senses upon opening to the sweet veil of cinnamon essence it imparts, this spice cradles the culinary world in its powdery grasp. It’s a complex symphony of bold flavors beginning with a delicate sweetness. This is swiftly followed by a gentle rush of spice without a lingering harshness, lending a pleasant warm backdrop to the symphony. Hidden beneath these twin pillars of taste are subtle tones of citrus and floral notes, which play their part to enrich the flavor ensemble. With its superior texture, La Dalia Ground Cinnamon is effortlessly integrated into recipes, eliminating risks of uneven flavor distribution. Made from the bark of Cinnamomum verum, known as true cinnamon, its distinct taste is preserved in its powdered form.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Desserts: When sprinkled on apple pies, sweet rolls, and cookies, the La Dalia Ground Cinnamon delivers a depth of flavor that transforms them into tantalizing treats.\n Beverages: Consider adding it to hot beverages like coffee or chocolate. A tiny amount is sufficient to impart a delectable aroma and spicy warmth.\n Savory Dishes: A touch of this fine Cinnamon can be introduced into stews, tagines, and Indian curries to add a unique layer of complexity.\n* Breakfast Favorites: A hidden flavor gem, it can be incorporated into French toast, cereal, or oatmeal, making for a robust start to any day.

    From Spain’s Cinnamon Blossoms to Your Table

Hailing from La Vera, a region in Spain known for its diverse landscape, fertile soils, and an optimal climate for growing superb quality spices, La Dalia Ground Cinnamon harnesses the goodness of this land. Unlike many spices cultivated via industrial farming, this cinnamon is cultivated using sustainable methods handed down through generations. The harvesting and processing of the cinnamon bark are always performed meticulously to ensure consistent high quality. At every step of the way, quality controls are in place, thus maintaining the integrity, authenticity, and premium standards of the product. From the loving hand of the farmer to the aroma-infused kitchens of happy consumers, each grain of La Dalia Ground Cinnamon tells an inspiring tale of heritage, rigor, and passion.

Storage Instructions

La Dalia Ground Cinnamon must be stored in a cool, dark, and dry location within an airtight container. This prevents moisture absorption and maintains its freshness. Do not store near strong-smelling substances, as ground cinnamon can absorb odors. Storing it at room temperature is ideal as freezing can alter its texture and flavor. Proper labeling of the container with date details ensures optimal usage.