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Thumbnail 1 - Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V.

Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V.


Austrian Elegance Revealed


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An illustrious embodiment of tradition and terroir, the Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V. unfolds as a pinnacle of Austrian viniculture, esteemed for its distinguished sensory journey and homage to historical practices.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Behold Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V., a sparkling testament to the intricate craftsmanship forged by the confluence of Kamptal’s revered terroir and time-honored winemaking rituals. One is struck by its aromatic tapestry that interweaves ripened orchard fruits with a venerable nuttiness, resonating alongside the earthy whispers of straw and hay—evident reflections of its authentic terrain. The caress of lemon zest and toasty elements suggests a sonnet to the senses, redolent of the bready yeast encountered through skilled lees aging.\n\nWithin this fine effervescent creation lies a palatial playground of flavors where zesty lemon and lush butter comingle, deriving complexity from the precise and masterful techniques, like malolactic fermentation and prolonged sur lie maturation, that hallmark its distinction. Notes of finesse are extolled, as elements of croissant—a delicious heraldry of butter interlaced with yeast—meld to present a triumphant symphony.\n\nTexture unveils the pièce de résistance: the mousse, a creamy and round mouthfeel, orchestrates a tactile experience of high art, with fine bubbles that ascend as if from a Paganini caprice, complemented by crisp acidity drawing one’s palate to a pristine and gratified denouement. The Brut Reserve invites deep contemplation—it is a sparkling narrative of its clime, an embodiment of Kamptal’s articulation, accruing profound respect within the sphere of viticultural virtuosos.

Pairings & Suggestions

Aperitif Virtuosity:\n- Lightly draped canapés, each a miniature prelude, find accord with the invigorating crispness of this Brut Reserve.\n\nSeafood Sonata:\n- Savor the sumptuous brininess of oysters and the delicate dance of scallops as their richness is effortlessly lifted by the wine’s meticulous acidity.\n- Sushi, in its myriad of forms, harmonizes with the precision and clarity of the wine’s structural crescendo.\n\nCelebratory Feast:\n- Celebrate with poultry or tender pork, cradled by light sauces that allow the symphonic interplay of flavors to soar.\n\nCulinary Encore:\n- For the vegetarian tableau, indulge in a concerto of cheeses or a vegetable quiche where the wine underscores the melodic buttery undertones.\n\nPatisserie Finale:\n- In its denouement, a repertoire of fruit-based desserts pairs enchantingly; each sip begs for an encore amidst the sweetness and acidity of the final course.

Historic Libation Lore

In the convivial realm of joyful clinking and spirited discourse, Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V. presents a dialogue-steeped pour. The vineyard’s monastic roots unearthed by Cistercian monks in 1171 resound in the wine’s very essence, chronicling a saga of terroir-driven devotion. Beyond a libation, it is a fleeting glimpse into the deep annals of viticulture, preserved and bequeathed by the vigilant stewardship of Schloss Gobelsburg—a living reliquary of winemaking perspicacity.\n\nGuests revel in not just the wine, but the enological philosophy it conveys, each bubble a vestige of meticulous artisanship—a 900-year procession through history captured in glass, a juxtaposition of the quotidian and the timeless. Herein, the table transforms into an august assemblage, where tradition and tales converge with the present, each sip an aperture to the ancient whispers of Kamptal’s undulating landscape.

Storage Instructions

Carefully preserve the integrity of the Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg Brut Reserve N.V. by storing it in a cool, dark place with a constant temperature ideally between 7-13°C (45-55°F). Orients the bottle horizontally to ensure the cork remains moist, thus preventing oxidization and maintaining its effervescence. For those without a dedicated wine cellar, a wine refrigerator can suffice for short-term storage, while professional facilities are recommended to uphold the wine’s exemplary characteristics over extended periods.