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Mont d'Or Mini Aop Napiot


Decadent Indulgence in Cheese


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Indulge in the luxurious taste of Mont d'Or Mini Aop Napiot, a masterful creation from Fromagerie Napiot. This exceptional cheese, hailing from the heart of France's Haut-Doubs region, boasts a unique flavor profile encapsulated in a supple and creamy texture.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

As your senses first encounter Mont d’Or Mini Aop Napiot, you are greeted by a pronounced scent of spruce wood, a tribute to its unique spruce bark wrapping. The earthy aroma carries traces of mushroom, laying the groundwork for the ensuing flavor experience. The primary taste, a unique wood flavor imparted by spruce bark, paints a clear portrait of its aging journey. This overlay of flavors is complemented by distinct notes of mushroom and potato, making every bite a celebration of natural, homely tastes. The texture is equally extraordinary, supple and creamy with a velvety mouthfeel resulting from its high moisture content. Cut into it to reveal a luxurious and gooey interior, while baking transforms it into a creamy indulgence.

Pairings & Suggestions

Mont d’Or Mini Aop Napiot is as versatile as it is delightful. Relish it in its full glory on a slice of baguette, or allow it to elevate your ordinary crackers to new gourmet heights. Melt it down for a unique, delectable dip that pairs wonderfully with vegetables. Fused into your favorite recipe, this cheese becomes an irresistible sauce adding a layer of indulgence. If you’re more adventurous, try baking it with garlic and white wine, and you’ll have a centerpiece for the perfect cheese platter.

Haut-Doubs: The Cradle of Cheese Excellence

Nestled in Eastern France, bordering Switzerland and the Jura Mountains, lies the Haut-Doubs region, the birthplace of Mont d’Or Mini AOP Napiot. This region, known for its rich dairy heritage and high-quality cheeses, provides the perfect pasture for raising cows and producing first-rate milk. Haut-Doubs and its inhabitants have relentlessly upheld traditional methods of animal husbandry, which has an undeniable influence on the quality of their cheese. Only eleven factories in the French Jura region, including the respected Fromagerie Napiot, are licensed to produce this masterpiece. Mont d’Or Mini AOP Napiot, with its AOP certification, stands proud as a testament to the region’s artisanal mastery and culinary heritage.

Storage Instructions

Store Mont d’Or Mini Aop Napiot in a cool place, preferably the refrigerator. To maintain its integrity, always keep it in its original wooden box. This provides a breathable environment optimal for further aging and development of flavors. Always remember to handle this exquisite cheese with the utmost care to prevent any distortion of its shape or texture.