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Valdespino Pedro Ximénez Children VORS

Luxurious Elixir of Time


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Relish the exalted Valdespino Pedro Ximénez Children VORS, a sherry of uncommon depth and complexity—a true testimony to Spain's sherry prowess. This captivating VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry), radiates elegance, its layer upon layer of flavors unfolding with every sip.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Composed purely from luxurious, sunned Pedro Ximénez grapes, our sherry has journeyed through an extensive solera process lasting longer than three decades. This transformative progression in American oak barrels has amplified the intrinsic qualities of the grapes, creating a luscious nectar of unparalleled sweetness and complexity. The first sip unfolds with an enticing concert of rich caramel and cream, intertwined with a trio of nutty sweetness - almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Soon, the opulent symphony of dried fruits - raisins, figs, and dates – emerges, deepening the wine’s narrative. Notes of toffee and captivatingly dark chocolate add further intrigue to the profile, delicately balanced by a final whisper of roasted nuts. Cloaked in a velvety, dense, and thick texture, the Valdespino Pedro Ximénez Children VORS offers a monumental tasting experience while preserving a surprising note of acidity that lifts the wine, halting it from being overly sweet.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • The intense sweetness and powerful flavor profile of this wine enter into a delightful dialogue with similarly rich, dark chocolate desserts. Consider pairing it with a moist chocolate cake, perhaps with a silky center that matches the viscous texture of the sherry.
  • A cheese board composed of a variety of blue cheeses, coupled with fig and walnut bread, can bring forth an exciting contrast with the sweetness of the sherry.
  • Explore pairing this sherry with Asian cuisine, such as Thai or Chinese, where its sweetness can complement spicy or savory flavors.
  • Flavorful pates and rilletes, with their creamy and fatty moments, would make for a delightful pairing, cutting through the richness of the sherry.

    A Journey Through Time: The Valdespino Legacy

Steeped in a rich history dating back to 1264, Valdespino is woven into the tapestry of Spain’s sherry culture, its legacy an integral element of the Jerez region’s winemaking narrative. The Dal Albespino family, the mind and soul behind the brand, was amongst the first to take on sherry production in Spain, cultivating an enduring relationship with this unique style of wine. As one of the oldest sherry houses in the region, Valdespino reflects above and beyond the rich traditions of sherry production. In a remarkable blend of history and innovation, Valdespino has upheld century-old processes while continually adapting to modern winemaking trends. The resulting Pedro Ximénez Children VORS is an exceptional representation of this dichotomous nature, manifesting centuries of winemaking tradition parked impressively alongside the pursuit of innovation.

Storage Instructions

Store horizontally in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Maintain consistent temperature, ideally between 12-14°C (54-57°F). Once opened, reseal with the original cork and consume within a few weeks.