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Valdespino Moscatel Promesa

Complexly Floral and Exquisitely Sweet

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Valdespino Moscatel Promesa is a remarkable kind of Sherry, drenched in tradition and demonstrating a fine balance of nature's sweet offerings and artisanal mastery. Embodying the essence of the Jerez region from a house with over seven centuries of history, it is an exceptional piece of hedonistic indulgence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Produced in the Chipiona region of Jerez, Spain, the Moscatel Promesa uses Moscatel grapes that burst with flavor and aroma. A sip of Valdespino Moscatel Promesa takes you on a journey through the change of seasons. It offers the warmth and joy of slipping into a summer dusk by the Mediterranean coast with an embracing, honey-laden sweetness complimented by the fragrance of blossoming citrus groves nearby. It further teases with a hint of honeysuckle, extending into the richly satisfying darkness of chocolate intertwined with coffee, which cradles your senses like the mellow onset of a Spanish winter night. The tasting experience is topped off with floral and spicy notes dancing across your palate. As these flavors swirl, they are bound together by the wine’s luxuriously smooth texture that feels like the perfect reprieve on a quiet afternoon. Each sip wraps you in layers of orchestrated complexity that hint at the interplay between the terroir and the delicate, thoughtful hands that make this sherry.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Walnut Cookies: The light sweetness and crunch of homemade walnut cookies is beautifully enveloped by the Moscatel Promesa’s honeyed taste. \n Fruit Tarts: The tartness of fresh fruit countered by a golden, buttery crust makes a perfect dance partner for the playful citrus notes in the Moscatel Promesa. \n Crème Brûlée: The wine’s floral notes bask smoothly in the well-rounded, creamy richness of Crème Brûlée. \n Chocolate-based Desserts: The sherry’s spicy and bitter-sweet notes perfectly offset the deep intensity of dark chocolate to create a match made in heaven. \n Blue Cheeses: Contrasting palates create an intriguingly harmonious taste experience, with the Moscatel Promesa cutting through the salty blue cheese mastery. \n *Foie Gras: A luxury meets another; savoring the Moscatel Promesa alongside foie gras is an easily acquired taste with its glide into buttery richness, balanced with a zesty tang.

    A Journey through Time with Valdespino

Valdespino, the producer of Moscatel Promesa, is one of the oldest bodegas in Jerez, with a remarkable lineage that dates back to 1264. Founded by Alfonso Valdespino, the bodega has steadfastly upheld traditional winemaking methods and has diligently placed an emphasis on showcasing the unique terroir of Jerez. Valdespino is a beacon of sherry production heritage, committed to preserving the authentic process and taste of sherry as it has been known for hundreds of years. Each bottle of Moscatel Promesa represents more than mere craftsmanship – it is a time capsule that encapsulates the legacy of an era when time was an ally of the wine-maker, and every drop of sherry was a story waiting to be told.

Storage Instructions

To experience the Valdespino Moscatel Promesa at its best, store the bottle horizontally in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or strong artificial light. The ideal temperature range is 10°C to 15°C. Keep humidity moderate, at around 60-70% to prevent the cork from drying out. Avoid storing in areas with strong odors or vibration. Ensure that the bottle is tightly sealed after each use.