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Thumbnail 1 - Pedro Ximenez Vieja Solera V.O.R.S. 30 YEARS

Pedro Ximenez Vieja Solera V.O.R.S. 30 YEARS


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Decadent and intense, this excellent Sherry is the perfect draught to end your meal… and your day

The Pedro Ximenez Vieja Solera V.O.R.S. 30 YEARS is simply decadent, but there is nothing simple at all about this beautiful Sherry. It is complicated, layered, and has a multitude of characteristics. As it is aged for 30 years, it is classified as V.O.R.S or Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum (Wine Selected as Optimal and Exceptional or Very Old Rare Sherry). It has been aged by the Soleras y Criaderas system.

The Pedro Ximenez Vieja Solera V.O.R.S. 30 YEARS is extremely bold and offers a decadent, sultry sweetness that is offset by a soft, almost imperceptible acidity. To the eye: the Sherry presents a beautiful, deep, and dark amber that is more akin to liquid bronze. On the nose: extreme notes of figs, raisins, grapes, and dates. Softer notes of tobacco and chocolate can also be detected. On the palate: the sip is warm, sweet, and satisfying. Chocolate, coffee, tobacco, and raisins are the main notes with the creaminess of figs and fruitiness of plum to complement the main notes. It is oily, somewhat viscous, and has a long, satisfying finish.

This sherry is perfect when served with dessert or with a cheese course. It is really the best draught to finish the meal and has no equal.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.