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Queso de La Serena Raw Sheep's Milk


Authentic Extremaduran Elegance


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Queso de La Serena, a raw sheep's milk cheese, is an artisanal exemplar of PDO-protected Spanish cheesemaking tradition.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Queso de La Serena, an emblematic cheese hailing from La Serena, Extremadura, epitomizes the nuanced artistry of Spanish cheesemaking. Deriving its core identity from the raw milk of indigenous Merino sheep, the cheese conveys a vibrant tapestry of sensory nuances rooted deeply in the terroir of Northeastern Badajoz province. In its young stage, it presents a buttery softness, intertwined with a delicate saltiness that whimsically dances on the palate. As it matures, a bold transformation unfolds, characterized by an intensifying piquancy and the unveiling of a subtle bitterness — a testament to the unique flavor imparted by the cardoon thistle coagulant. The developing taste profile is further enriched by the herbal cues of the vegetable rennet, weaving a complex flavor profile that enchants connoisseurs and casual appreciators alike. The textural journey of Queso de La Serena begins with a creamy, yielding consistency that progressively transcends into an alluring runniness, encapsulating the cheese’s evolution. The rind, a waxy illustration of traditional craftsmanship, showcases the markings of the esparto grass molds and encases an interior that transitions from a plush, shiny ivory to a glossy, liquefied state, replete with occasional eyes and small holes — a tangible showcase of the cheese’s maturation. Artisanship and regional authenticity culminate in this cheese, rendering it a vessel of cultural heritage, a carrier of the Extremaduran pastoral narrative, and a singular sensation in the realm of raw milk cheeses.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair with crusty artisanal bread or toasted baguettes for a rustic experience.
  • Complement with bold charcuterie selections, such as chorizo or salchichón.
  • Savor alongside seasonal fresh fruits—figs or pears offer a delightful counterpoint.
  • Enhance culinary creations such as warm tapas or velvety soups.
  • Elevate the cheese course with dark regional honey or Spanish quince paste.
  • Enjoy with Tempranillo or full-bodied Garnacha wines for a harmonious pairing.

A Legacy Entwined with Extremadura

Queso de La Serena’s intimate narrative is inseparable from the socio-historic fabric of Extremadura. Its story originates in a landscape where cheese production was not merely a craft but also a currency in the medieval era, sustaining the local economy and exemplifying craftsmanship borne from necessity and ingenuity. The commitment to Continue tradition, reflected in the practices of modern-day shepherds, echoes through the verdant plains and hills of La Serena district, where the production of this cheese has transcended mere subsistence to become a symbol of cultural identity. The Merino sheep that roam these lands are not just livestock; they are keepers of an agricultural lineage, their milk a medium through which the region’s essence is distilled into the very soul of Queso de La Serena. Engaging in the ritual of cheese tasting, one unwraps not only a dairy product but also the story of an area where natural contours and climate have shaped the history and economic tapestry to an astonishing degree. It is within this context that the cheese’s PDO status shines — not merely as a certification but as a testament to the endurance of La Serena’s gastronomic prowess, championed by the Consorcio de los Quesos Tradicionales de España.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, humid environment between 4-8ºC, ideally in a wine fridge or cheese drawer. Keep the cheese wrapped in its original paper or wax paper, and place in an airtight container to maintain optimal humidity. Rotate periodically to ensure even ripening. Serve at room temperature to fully appreciate its rich palette of flavors.