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Pecorino Romano


Savor of Ancient Rome


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Embark on a gastronomic odyssey with the eminent Pecorino Romano, a cheese steeped in history and tradition, bearing the coveted PDO certification, a testament to its unparalleled quality and geographic authenticity.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

One approaches the esteemed Pecorino Romano as one does a historical artifact, with reverence and a sense of discovery. The aged wheel imparts an intense aroma, redolent of the pastoral landscapes and the verdant flora of Italy where its origins lie. Intensity defines its savory profile, echoing narratives of pastoral origin, while vegetal undertones speak silently of the sheep’s diet, a synergy with nature meticulously preserved through centuries.\n\nOn the palate, Pecorino Romano’s taste narrative unfolds in chapters of tangy sharpness, a hallmark of its aged character. Bold strokes of saltiness, intrinsic to its preservative methods, convey tales of longevity and sustenance. A distinct piquancy winks with subtle spiciness, an elegant counterpoint to its robust savory character. As one lingers at the tectonic plates of flavor, a vegetable aftertaste emerges, a loving nod to the sheep’s nourishment, completing the sensorial circuit with a finesse that carries with it the authenticity of its terroir.\n\nTexturally, this cheese presents a study in contrasts. With the passage of time, granularity becomes more pronounced; the crumbly nature, coveted by epicureans, is an ideal for grating, while the steadfast firmness emerges from its low moisture content - a pillar of strength in its profile. In contrast, younger varieties whisper creaminess, a fleeting youthfulness within a maturing character. The fabric of Pecorino Romano is woven with threads of aging influence, wherein flavors concentrate and textures evolve, accumulating the wisdom of time.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Culinary Pairings: Grace your palate by grating this venerated cheese over classic dishes such as Pasta alla Carbonara or incorporate it into contemporary culinary concoctions that demand a cheese of bold character.\n Beverage Match: Embark on a harmonious union by pairing it with assertive red wines that can parry its potency or with full-bodied whites that dance gracefully with its sharpness.\n Artisan Breads: Elevate your experience by pairing Pecorino Romano with crusty artisan breads, creating a simple yet sublime gastronomic juxtaposition.

    A Cheese Fit for Legionaries and Emperors Alike

The lore of Pecorino Romano is deeply rooted in the annals of history. It is whispered in culinary circles that this cheese was a staple in the diet of Roman legionaries, a tangible link to the empire’s might. With soldierly precision, each legionary was apportioned a ration, ensuring vitality during arduous campaigns. This sustenance, however, was not exclusive to the barracks; it graced the tables of the elite, becoming a coveted delicacy in imperial banquets.\n\nTo savor Pecorino Romano is to partake in a meal steeped in historical significance, each morsel a tribute to the bygone era of grandeur. It was during these feasts that its attributes unfolded, earning admiration for its taste and natural preservative qualities. To dine with Pecorino Romano at the table is to invite conversation infused with the nostalgia of millennia, a discourse that weaves through Rome’s palatial past and the pastoral poetry of its countryside.

Storage Instructions

To steward this cheese as reverently as the subjects of Rome, maintain a chilled sanctuary, ideally within the realm of 2-4 degrees Celsius. Enshroud the cheese in parchment paper or encase it in foil to prevent it from imbibing the lingering spirits of other foods. As aged cheese is wont to do, Pecorino Romano may bear molds of noble lineage, indicative of its environment; such forms can be chivalrously scraped to preserve its enduring dignity.