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Onkizu Roncal Sheep's Milk DO


Timeless Pastoral Elegance


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Savor the quintessence of pastoral heritage with Onkizu Roncal Sheep's Milk DO, an emblem of timeless flavor.


Tasting Notes from the Curator

The palate of the Onkizu Roncal Sheep’s Milk DO is an academic journey through the terrains of flavor. At first taste, there is a gamy robustness, a tangy vigor that speaks of sheep unbound. Then the notes unfold - a slight sharpness of acetic acid, a whisper of brine, a hint of rusticity from butyric acid, all of which lay the groundwork for the revelation. A constellation of savory flavors teases the senses, from the meaty depth reminiscent of marrow-rich broth, to fruitiness evoked by olives, all converging on a finish that echoes with the sweetness of toffee and liquid caramel. Complex in character, this cheese bridges the divide between old-world mastery and contemporary appreciation.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair with robust red wines like Tempranillo or a fruit-forward Rioja
  • Complement with quince paste for a harmonious sweet and savory balance
  • Serve alongside a selection of charcuterie for a decadent experience
  • Enjoy with artisanal bread or alongside an array of nuts, especially Marcona almonds or walnuts

    The Roncal Valley Tapestry

Nestled amidst the Pyrenees, the Roncal Valley of Navarre, with its rugged terrain and continental climate, provided the perfect cradle for Onkizu, a brand steeped in the tradition of cheese-making. Stories abound of shepherds transhumance pattern, moving sheep through the rich floral tapestry of the Roncal Valley, grazed to create a milk of unparalleled quality. Each wheel of Onkizu Roncal is an archive of these traditions, encapsulating the essence of the beautiful and challenging landscape in every bite, making it an exquisite topic of conversation at any gourmet gathering.

Storage Instructions

Store Onkizu Roncal Sheep’s Milk DO in a cool, dry place, ideally wrapped in parchment or wax paper. Ensure it is kept at fridge temperatures between 2-4 degrees Celsius (35-39 degrees Fahrenheit).