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Thumbnail 1 - La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado Pasteurised Sheep's Milk

La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado Pasteurised Sheep's Milk


Sensory Elegance in Cheese


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Indulge in a symphony of sophisticated flavors with La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado Pasteurised Sheep's Milk Cheese, an emblematic culinary sculptor of Spain's Tierra de Campos.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Amid the rolling fields of Spain’s tierra, behold La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado - an opulent tribute to the very essence of what sheep’s milk cheese can aspire to be. Each wheel is an anthology of the pastoral narrative, a profound expression of place articulated through taste. Encased in a rind that whispers tales of the Land of Fields, the interior of this cheese harbors a firm, yet yielding texture, redolent with the most urbane sensations of earthiness.

Nestled within this complex matrix are flavors that captivate and entwine; a nuttiness that evolves with the cheese’s silent ballet of aging, a salinity born from the land’s own song, and an umami crescendo worthy of the most discerning palates. This cheese is not a mere participant in the category of cured sheep’s milk cheese - it is, without a shred of exaggeration, an exemplar that tantalizes with richness and a sublime sharpness akin to an aria in a masterful symphony.

Perhaps it is in the oily, lingering aftertaste where we find the ethos of this cheese, as it envelopes the senses with a textural interplay between friability and creaminess - a duality engendering deep respect for the terroir from whence it came and the silent, knowing hands that shaped it. La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado commands attention, not as a domineering titan, but as a masterpiece of subtlety, an intimate narrative of savor that stands peerless in a world inundated with the ordinary.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado with robust Ibérico ham for an unparalleled duet of intense flavors.
  • Explore its texture against the tangy sharpness of Marcona almonds or the honeyed viscosity of a dark honey driple.
  • Let it grace a bread with crust as earthen as the cheese itself, invoking a symphony of crunch and melt.
  • For a wine companion, a tempranillo from Ribera del Duero echoes the cheese’s undernotes of earth and accentuates its nuttiness, while a more daring cava might tease out its latent herbal notes, creating a vibrant counterpoint.

    From Pastures to Plate: A Seasonal Odyssey

La Trashumancia is not just a cheese; it’s a culinary artifact steeped in the ancient practice of transhumance - a tireless journey of flocks, shepherds, and the rhythm of seasons. This age-old practice breathes life into the very milk that creates this cheese. La Trashumancia as a brand is a custodian and a muse for pastoral histories - a living link between the raw, untamed past and the refined gastronomic present. The brand itself is a vanguard for sustainability, maintaining ecological balance through traditional agrarian methods that favor the flourishing of biodiversity over the insipid monoculture.

Storage Instructions

To preserve La Trashumancia Pata De Mulo Curado’s integrity, store it in the lower shelves of your refrigerator where the clime mirrors the cool, dry caves of its aging. Wrap it first in wax or parchment paper, then gently in aluminum foil to discourage the cheese from absorbing other odors while allowing it to breathe, ensuring its flavor does not become a ghost of its former self.