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Alejandro Chistorra Natural


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Beautifully rich and flavorful, this delicious chorizo is lovingly crafted and hails from the heart of La Rioja.

Embutios Alejandro is a small, family-operated Spanish company known around the country, and the world, for their quality, delicious cured and semi-cured meats. One such meat is their delicious Chistorra Natural.

This wonderful sausage is made with hand-selected pork, ensuring the very best quality of meat is used. A specified ratio of lean to fatty meat is used to ensure not only flavor and a delicious bite, but to ensure moistness of the sausage. To the meat mixture, a healthy amount of pimenton de la vera (smoked paprika) is added and delivers a wonderful spiciness, both in terms of heat and in flavor.

This wonderful chorizo is semi-cured, meaning that a little cooking is required before consuming. For the best results, slightly pan sear the chorizo with garlic and olive oil (just a splash). Add to a bowl and enjoy with fresh, crust bread, and a wonderfully boisterous Tempranillo.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator.