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Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg NV Brut Rosé


Kamptal's Sparkling Elegance

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Elevate your senses with the exquisite Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg NV Brut Rosé, a testament to Austrian winemaking finesse originating from the revered Kamptal region.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg NV Brut Rosé brims with aromatic indulgence, a convergence of ripe wild cherries, a cascade of fresh berries, and a flirtatious interplay of softer strawberry fruit. The whispers of herbal notes, akin to lemon balm, evince a faceted aromatic complexity that transcends the mere expression of cool-climate Kamptal’s pinot noir, zweigelt, and st. laurent grapes. The flavors echo this bounty, with the wild cherries leaping to the fore – imbuing the palate with a lively dialogue between tartness and candor – followed closely by a berry spectrum and a gentle, sweet acidity introduced by strawberry notes. Here, the herbal undertones balance the profile, refreshing and savory, a tasteful counterpoint to the fruitiness. Texture is paramount in understanding the NV Brut Rosé’s character: the creaminess is a direct transcript of its secondary fermentation on lees, and with each riddled and disgorged bottle, a testament to traditional craftsmanship emerges. The slim palate, vivacious with a polished smoothness, ensures a svelte departure, leaving behind a memory of elegance uncluttered by overindulgence.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Delicately paired: Perfect with a salmon gravlax or as a splendid starter. Cheese companions: A match for soft cheeses like brie or a tangy goat cheese. *Sweets synergy: Ideal with fruit-based desserts or a delicate raspberry soufflé . Serve chilled to capture its full vibrancy.

    Monastic Roots to Modern Mastery

Steeped in monastic history dating back to 1171, Domaene Schloss Gobelsburg weaves the time-honored practices of Cistercian monks with contemporary innovations. The winery’s NV Brut Rosé serves as a beacon of its dedication to heritage, sustainably carrying forward the monks’ legacy of meticulous cultivation into each elegantly effervescent sip.

Storage Instructions

Store your Brut Rosé in a cool, dimly-lit space, ideally within a wine fridge or cellar, keeping it horizontally to ensure the cork remains moist. Avoid any vibrations for preserving its delicate bubbles.