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A Catalonian alternative to shell pasta, this beautiful pasta is best for soups and saucy meals.

Sanmarti presents the very best pasta Catalonia has to offer. Not to be overlooked, Galets, a Catalonian version of shell pasta, is a favorite among the people of Catalonia. This pasta works great in soups and meals with a lot of sauce. A little bigger than the standard shell macaroni, also known as conchiglie in Italian, each bite will ensure a fountain of flavor.

A dish that utilizes galest frequently is the famous Catalonian Christmas fare, Sopa de galets, a pork based broth that utilizes the big galets (known as galets), pork and beef medley meatballs, and a wide variety of vegetables, such as leeks, carrots, celery, and potato to name a few. This hearty dish is served as the starter, and roast chicken, lamb, or baked fish are served after as the main.

Storage Instructions

Store dry, uncooked pasta in a cool, dry pantry for up to one year. Preserve freshness by storing dry pasta in an air-tight box or container. Store plain (no sauce or other ingredients) cooked pasta in a container or plastic sealable bag in the refrigerator for up to five days and up to three months in the freezer.