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Authentic Spanish Paella Rice

Luxury Spanish Cuisine Essential


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Indulge in Spain's culinary marvel, our Paella Rice – hailing from the shores of Valencia. It will transport you to traditional Spanish feasts where friends and family gather to enjoy an enchanting meal.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Paella Rice is a sensory delight. It bears the gentle flavour of the Mediterranean, with its slightly nutty yet mild undertones, creating a perfect canvas for the bold aromas and tastes of saffron, seafood, and juicy meats. Hold each grain and you’ll sense its firmness - a testament to its superior quality that ensures the rice cooks evenly, yet remains separate. As it simmers lovingly in a carefully curated broth, the grains swell up, absorbing the divine amalgamation of flavors, while still maintaining their integrity. But the true magic unfolds as the paella pan is uncovered. The top layer of rice gleams, having soaked up all the beautiful flavors, while the bottom most layer - the prized ‘socarrat’ - reveals a slightly caramelized crust, a signature trait of perfect paella.

### Pairings & Suggestions

One may think that the flavourful Paella Rice stands great as a single dish, but it craves companionship on your dining table. - Light, Crisp Wines: The complexity of paella pairs harmoniously with a crisp, Spanish white wine, subtly enhancing flavours without overshadowing. \n- Garlic Aioli: The rich, savory notes in the paella get tastefully contrasted by fresh, lightly spiced garlic aioli. \n- Fresh Green Salad: Crisp salad greens dressed in a humble vinaigrette provide a refreshing balance to the robust flavours of the dish. ### More Than Just a Grain - A Symbol of Spanish Tradition

The story of the Paella Rice is not just about the gastronomy it represents, but it’s a tale woven into the fabric of Spanish society. From the abundant fields in Albufera, Valencia, each grain of this rice variety carries hundreds of years of history and tradition. Its cultivation and harvest have been passed down generations and have even been used as a unit of measure in rural transactions. The leisurely Spanish Sundays are often spent cooking this hearty rice dish outdoor, in large pans, enough to feed the whole village. It is such communal cooking and eating that embody the Spanish spirit, making Paella not just a Sunday dish, but a social event.

Storage Instructions

Storing the Paella Rice calls for simple measures. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in an air-tight container to maintain its quality and prolong shelf life. Avoid refrigeration to prevent moisture from affecting texture and taste.