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Thumbnail 1 - Legumbres Raul Garbanzo Lechoso Andaluz Chickpeas

Legumbres Raul Garbanzo Lechoso Andaluz Chickpeas


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Legumbres Raul Premium Garbanzos are the best choice for those looking to elevate their salad game, to incorporate new elements into soups and stews, or for sauces and dips.

Legumbres Raul is a Spanish company founded in 1990 that aimed to bring high-quality Spanish legumes to Spanish cities and eventually offer them to the world. Focused on delivering the very best in legumes, Legumbres Raul sources their wares from areas such as Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-León, Andalucía, Extremadura, Asturias and Galicia.

Legumbres Raul premium garbanzos (also known as chickpeas) are one of the most versatile beans used nearly all over the world. It is packed with dietary fiber and contains raffinose. This helps you stay full, longer.

Garbanzos are definitely one of the most-used beans around the world. The different options you have are near infinite! Perhaps you’re feeling like a sandwich or a wrap. Why not put them in a pita with other vegetables and make a stuffed pita? You can also use them in salads, curries, stews, soups, falafel, sauces, also as stuffing for different roasts (like chicken, or duck). There are myriad possibilities with garbanzos, but the easiest of them all would have to be the simple, yet delectable hummus. Tahini, lemon juice, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Blend these together (or use a mortar and pestle for more authentic flavor combinations) and you have your hummus ready to go.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dark place.