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Thumbnail 1 - La Sirène de Giscours, Château Giscours GCC 2nd Wine, Margaux AOC

La Sirène de Giscours, Château Giscours GCC 2nd Wine, Margaux AOC


Elegance Meets History


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La Sirène de Giscours, a sophisticated Margaux AOC treasure, represents the harmonious meeting of history, terroir, and artisanship.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

La Sirène de Giscours unfurls a tapestry of aromatics akin to a grand bouquet of crushed flowers, with savory undercurrents resonating alongside a hint of menthol, and the sweet, spicy undertones of licorice. Its flavor is a melodic duet of ripe, dark fruits, plums, and red berry accompaniments, all seasoned with the peppery spice of oak aging. The delicate silk of tannins graces the palate, a testament to the Margaux terroir. Its rich flavors and refined textures are bottled poetry, speaking of the wine’s noble lineage yet inviting further exploration within each velvety sip.

Pairings & Suggestions

La Sirène de Giscours bestows an opulent experience when paired with:

  • Sumptuous char-grilled ribeye steaks, which exalt its deep fruit essence.
  • Duck a l’orange, offering a delightful play of flavors with its nuanced sweetness.

Suggested for an exquisite culinary affair, it gracefully elevates a classic beef bourguignon or a finely aged Comté cheese.

A Mermaid’s Tale in Every Sip

Amidst the fabled rows of Margaux, stands Château Giscours, a bastion of winemaking brilliance whose roots delve into the 14th century—a lineage as noble in character as the wines it yields. The château’s emblem, a gracious mermaid, dates to a find by E. Grange, encapsulating a narrative of maritime mystique that parallels the wine’s layered complexity.

Storage Instructions

La Sirène de Giscours thrives in a cool, dark ambiance, ideally at 12-14°C, away from light and vibrations to maintain its majestic character.