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La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva


Chile's Carmenère Masterpiece


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Introducing La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva, a testament to Chile's winemaking prowess. This robust, complex red wine elegantly showcases the rich, distinct characteristics of the Carmenère grape, enticing connoisseurs with its captivating sensory experience.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva unfolds a symphony of sophisticated flavours and tantalizing aromas, capturing the essence of its unique grape variety. It opens with luscious burst of red raspberry and blackberry, intensified by exotic hints of jalapeno. These fruity notes gradually cede to the richness of chocolate, intertwined with the rustic charm of green pepper and a wild herbal note that adds a refreshing complexity. The palate is greeted by a smooth and velvety texture, rich with sumptuous flavours of ripe blackberry, plum and an additional dash of chocolate. Medium to full-bodied, this wine captivates with its harmonization of divergence: intensity balanced by subtlety, boldness softened by smoothness, culminating in a wine experience that is both deeply enjoyable and evocatively intriguing. The La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva serves as a testament to the plunging depths of wine profiles that the Carmenère grape, along with the exceptional craftsmanship of winemakers, is able to achieve.

Pairings & Suggestions

La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva’s complexity makes it an impactful companion to a wide range of dishes. Pair it with hearty grilled beef or lamb to complement its bold flavours. Its light spiciness makes it a great match for spicy stir fries and rich, Tex-Mex cuisine. When paired with aged cheeses, it brings forth a beautiful balance of flavours. Enjoy it also with Beef stews or braised short ribs to enrich the meal profile with its deep, complex notes.

The Tale of Carmenère: A Grape Reborn

The story of La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva is intrinsically tied to the fascinating history of the Carmenère grape. Originating in Bordeaux, France, Carmenère was widely used as a blending grape in the region’s renowned red wines. However, the devastating phylloxera epidemic of the late 19th century led to the severe decline of Carmenère vineyards, to the extent that it was virtually erased from its original vineyard home, only to reappear thousands of miles away. Carmenère cuttings were mistakenly brought to Chile in the mid-19th century under the guise of Merlot. Its distinct character was recognized only in the late 1990s, signifying the historical rediscovery of this ‘lost’ grape variety. The favourable conditions found in Chile allowed Carmenère to thrive, marking the birthplace of La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva as the unexpected revival grounds for this resilient vine variety. The wine stands as a delectable testament to the resilience and adaptability of Carmenère, showcasing its distinctive qualities with Chile’s rich winemaking expertise.

Storage Instructions

Store La Misión Carmenère Gran Reserva in a cool, dark place with consistent temperature between 10°C and 15°C. Keep it away from strong-smelling substances and minimize vibrations. Ensure proper air circulation and keep relative humidity between 50% and 80%. Store the wine horizontally to keep the cork in contact with the wine, for optimal storage conditions.