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Château Cos d'Estournel Saint-Estèphe

Tradition and Elegance in Bordeaux


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Cos d'Estournel, Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Estèphe, is an exquisite wine from the renowned St-Estèphe appellation in Bordeaux, France. A true masterpiece that whispers eloquence, tradition, and wine-making excellence in every sip.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Cos d’Estournel is famed for its intricate flavors and remarkable complexity. Birthed in the soil that gently slopes towards the Gironde estuary, the wine inherits an intense aroma of dark fruits, delicately laced with notes of clove and cinnamon, dancing harmoniously with undertones of cedar. On the palate, Cos d’Estournel unfolds in harmonious symphony - a crescendo of blackcurrant and blackberry that reach the high notes, balanced by an earthy licorice base. The texture, smooth and velveteen, belies Cos d’Estournel’s power - well-integrated tannins reveal that this wine, whilst elegant and sophisticated, holds its ground, testament to the richness of its Bordeaux roots.

Pairings & Suggestions

Cos d’Estournel pairs exquisitely with a plethora of dishes. Its robust yet elegant profile lends itself wonderfully to the rich flavors of roasted lamb, complementing the savory essence. Consider pairing it also with sumptuously grilled beef tenderloin; the wine’s bold, black fruit notes and cedar tones harmonizing with the grilled meat. For the audacious palate, game meats such as venison elevate Cos d’Estournel’s profile, the firm structure of the wine taming the robust meat flavors. Aged cheeses, with their nutty and savory characteristics, are an outstanding match too, while the mix of a high-quality dark chocolate’s bittersweet taste and the wine’s strong currant flavors offers a delightful contradiction that teases the palate.

From Bordeaux to the Far East: The Fascinating Journey of Cos d’Estournel

The story of Cos d’Estournel is as rich as the well-aged Bordeaux wine it produces. Trips to the far east inspired Louis Gaspard d’Estournel, the founder, to pioneer innovative winemaking techniques and gain an esteemed reputation for his exceptional wines. This fondness for the exotic also influenced the estate’s architectural design, with pagoda-like structures contributing to the unique identity of Cos d’Estournel. Today, the brand continues the tradition of producing wines that are a beautiful harmony of power, opulence, and balanced tannins, contributing to its position as a symbol of excellence in the world of wine.

Storage Instructions

Cos d’Estournel should be kept at a stable temperature between 12°C and 16°C and a humidity of around 70%. It should be stored in a dark place, away from vibrations, and in a horizontal position to keep the cork moist.