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Château La Tour de Bessan Margaux

Sophisticated Elegance from Bordeaux


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Château La Tour de Bessan, Margaux: a dazzling gem from the French Bordeaux region. This exquisite red wine embodies sophistication, complexity, and the unrivaled craftsmanship of its prestigious terroir. It's a remarkable testament to traditional winemaking meeting modern sustainability.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

In every sip of Château La Tour de Bessan, you embark on a sensory journey to its birthplace, the Margaux region of Bordeaux. The initial bouquet reveals aromatic layers of red and black currants, delicately mingling with violets, graphite, and cedar, painted against a backdrop of loamy earth. As the wine rests on your palate, an intriguing melody of blackberry, cassis, and cherry flavors begin to unfold. These fruity notes give way to rich undertones of aromatic spices and warm tobacco, all subtly enhanced by a whisper of vanilla. This medley of flavors is followed by a pleasing burst of velvety texture, harmoniously balanced by the finesse of finely-grained tannins. The mid-palate is rich and dense leaving a profoundly lingering finish, Sheer elegance, finesse, and harmony encompass the tasting experience of this remarkable wine.

Pairings & Suggestions

Château La Tour de Bessan, Margaux is a versatile companion at the dinner table. Some suggestions include:

  • Intensely flavored grilled meats: The wine’s structure and tannins marry well with the texture of a succulent grilled ribeye steak or lamb chops.

  • Rich roasted meats: The wine’s black fruit aromas and complexity highlight the flavors in roasted duck breast or pork tenderloin.

  • Game dishes: The more robust flavors of venison or wild boar stew match the intensity of this wine.

  • Aged cheeses: Aged Gouda or Parmigiano-Reggiano introduce a delightful contrast with the wine’s fruity and velvety characteristics.

    Confluence of Tradition and Progress at Château La Tour de Bessan

Château La Tour de Bessan holds the resonance of centuries within its vineyards. Originally a part of a 13th-century tower, the Château has witnessed countless seasons unfold in the Margaux appellation. The Colomb family were instrumental in transforming the property into a vineyard in the 18th-century, ensuring its reputation for cultivating exceptional grapes. The Château has passed through the hands of renowned Bordeaux winemaker, Lucien Lurton, and now rests under the skilled management of his daughter, Marie-Laure Lurton. The vineyard embodies the graceful confluence of years lodged in tradition and the passionate pursuit of future innovation.

Storage Instructions

Store Château La Tour de Bessan, Margaux at a constant temperature of 13°C or 55°F, away from direct sunlight and vibrations. Ensure humidity is maintained at about 70% to prevent the cork from drying and the wine from oxidizing. Keep it horizontally to allow wine contact with the cork. Store away from strong odors and provide ample air circulation to avoid musty aromas.