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Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 Medium VOS

The Exquisitely Aged Delicacy

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An embodiment of history, craft, and sheer elegance, Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 Medium VOS is a fortified wine with an intricate tapestry of flavors. Utilizing traditional production methods, this exemplary sherry brings forth a unique narrative encoded in each sip, capturing the essence of Spain's timeless wine-making traditions.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Derived from a blend of sun-kissed Palomino grapes and a splash of ancient Pedro Ximénez, Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 beckons the senses with an olfactory symphony of dried figs, toasted almonds, and tantalizing hints of burnt sugar and vanilla, painting an aromatic panorama that cradles you in an intoxicating embrace. On the palate, this sherry waltzes gracefully, teasing with the saccharine specter of honeyed raisins, the warmth of cacao-dusted hazelnuts, and bewitching whispers of fig bread. A heart of darkness emerges, as echoes of bittersweet chocolate and freshly brewed coffee reveal themselves, lingering like fond memories. The sherry’s texture is an inviting cocoon of luxury, its velvety cloak warming the palate and leaving an enduring imprint on the senses. Truly, the Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 Medium VOS is a sensory ballad paying homage to the artistry of ages.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Cured Meats and Aged Cheese: The salinity of cured meats such as prosciutto ham or the sharp tang of aged cheeses like Parmesan and Manchego are brilliantly balanced by the wine’s rich, nutty flavors. \n Roasted Nuts: Pair with a handful of roasted almonds or hazelnuts to complement the nutty undertones in the sherry. \n Earthy Delights: Dishes with earthy tones like truffle-infused pasta or risotto, sautéed mushrooms or a hearty beef stew are a splendid pairing for the wine’s robust features. \n *Decadent Desserts: Its rich profile harmonizes delightfully with desserts such as a dark chocolate ganache tart or creamy caramel flan.

    A Storied Journey Through Time

Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 derives its name from the year of its inception - an aromatic time capsule embodying centuries of wine-making artistry. Steeped in tradition, the illustrious solera system that brought forth this sherry involves a meticulous series of aging and blending, each tier carrying a piece of history aged to perfection. The wine also features a unique blend of 8-10% sweet, very old Pedro Ximénez, contributing an elegant complexity and depth. The Solera system used here was established in the illustrious year of 1842, reinforcing the connection to a cultural lineage that enhances the exclusivity associated with each bottle.

Storage Instructions

Store Valdespino Oloroso Solera 1842 Medium VOS in a cool and dark area, away from sunlight and heat. Given its fortified nature, it can be stored in the refrigerator after opening and consumed within a month for optimal beverage experience. Always keep the bottle in a horizontal position to keep the cork moist and maintain the freshness of the sherry.