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A collection of some of the best products for the best fathers in our lives.

The Father’s Day Standard Basket is the perfect gift for your father this Father’s Day. It features some of the best products that Terry’s has to offer. Each of these items can be enjoyed individually, or paired together to create a tasting menu of epic proportions. The Father’s Day Standard Basket includes:

Pablo Claro Tempranillo - this beautiful Tempranillo is a 100% organic wine (something the winemaker takes very seriously) and is an excellent representation of a wonderful La Mancha Tempranillo. It is bold, forward, and can hold its own against heavy, hearty dishes. This delicious wine is a must try and pairs exceptionally well with the other items in this basket.

Jean Brunet Chicken Liver Confit With Armagnac - this delicious chicken liver confit is a staple for all serious picnic goers. It is rich, flavorful, and satisfying. The chicken livers have been confit and combined with fatty pork, herbs and spices, and of course, Armagnac. This delicious spread is the epitome of decadence and is best enjoyed on crispy, flaky bread.

Picos Camperos Los Gorriones - delicious bite-sized morsels that pair perfectly with the Jean Brunet Chicken Liver Confit with Armagnac as well as the Serpis Serpis Tabasco Spanish Olives and Pickles Cocktail. They are made with the very best olive oil Spain has to offer and deliver a satisfyingly pleasant crunch and flavor. They are the perfect accompaniment for any spread or cheese found in one’s pantry.

Serpis Tabasco Spanish Olives and Pickles Cocktail - delicious manzanilla olives paired with pleasantly refreshing pickles and infused with a spicy kick thanks to the infused red Tabasco peppers. This delicious cocktail mix is the perfect accompaniment for the Chicken Liver Confit. The brininess and sourness of the olives and pickles perfectly cut through the fattiness of the confit, creating a wonderfully refreshing balance.

El Almendro Salted Caramel Almond Cubits - just when one would think that nothing could be better than almonds and chocolate, El Almendro paired their delicious almonds with succulent, sweet, and boisterous salted caramel. The result is the perfect amalgamation of nuttiness, sweetness, and creaminess. A personal favorite of many, this offering should not be missed!

Delaviuda Dark Chocolate Truffles - a thin coating of cocoa powder coats the rich and creamy dark chocolate used in the La Confiteria Delaviuda Truffles. It has a strong chocolate flavor without being overpoweringly sweet. These truffles are very well-made and delicious, thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients.

This wonderful bundle comes with its own small basket - perfect for transporting to your favorite picnic location for a beautiful Father’s Day celebration.

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