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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Polished Steel Paella Pan 8 Portions


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Tried, tested, and loved around the world - polished steel offers durability and quality that will also last a lifetime.

These wonderful paella pans are expertly made using polished, stainless steel. They are large enough to accommodate family-sized portions of paella and are durable enough to last you years and years, depending on how well the pans are looked after.

These durable polished-steel pans are a joy to cook with. As this is stainless steel, it is not non-stick and copious amounts of oil are to be used when cooking your paella. There will be some rice stuck to the bottom of the pan afterwards, but if you’re able to scrape this off, it is probably one of the tastiest parts of the meal.

These pans are not as easy to clean as non-stick pans. They do require a few hours of soaking after cooking paella to soften the particulates stuck to the pan. But fortunately, they are far hardier than their non-stick cousins and are not afraid of a little elbow grease.

Storage Instructions

Store safely in kitchen or pantry area