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Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles

Luxurious Gastronomic Delight


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Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles are a true gastronomic delight. Sourced from diverse truffle-rich regions of Italy and France, these truffles represent a marriage of tradition, luxury, and culinary splendor.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles present a captivating culinary adventure that begins with their intense aroma, redolent of earth, musk and garlic, a tell-tale hint of their forest origin. The flavor profile is multidimensional, merging earthiness with complementary nutty undertones, underscored by a subtle sweetness from dried fruit nuances. The truffles’ political texture, firm yet delicately crunchy, provides a satisfying counterpoint to the complexity of their flavors. Every sliver of these Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles offers a luxurious sensory experience, an unforgettable indulgence for discerning palates.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Truffle Pasta: Toss cooked pasta with melted butter and shavings of Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles. The earthiness of the truffles perfectly complements the creamy pasta.
  • Truffle Risotto: Stir shaved truffles into a creamy, parmesan topped risotto. The richness of the risotto merges beautifully with the truffles’ aromatic complexity.
  • Truffle Roasted Chicken: Enhance the succulent flavors of your roast chicken with shavings of truffles for a truly delectable dish.

Preserving Timeless Taste: Adventure from Soil to Palate

The Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles carry the rich legacy of the Urbani family, who have been part of the truffle industry since 1852. From the heartlands of Italy and France’s truffle-rich regions, each truffle is meticulously sourced and selected, maintaining the strictest standards of quality and flavor, the Urbani promise. Urbani Tartufi’s journey represents not only a commitment to fine gastronomy, but also a testament to time-honored traditions, cultural heritage, and familial passion. Every Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffle is more than just a culinary ingredient; it’s a slice of history and a bridge connecting the rustic truffle-rich soil to the plates of gourmet enthusiasts across the globe.

Storage Instructions

For maximum freshness and flavor preservation, Urbani Tartufi Whole Winter Truffles should be stored in a cool and dry place with a temperature range between 2 to 4°C. Ideally, the truffles should be stored separately from other strong-smelling foods to prevent odor absorption. It is recommended to consume them within two weeks of purchase.