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Thumbnail 1 - Paella Pan 8 Portions With Divider And Enamel Finish

Paella Pan 8 Portions With Divider And Enamel Finish

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This must-have pan for every serious kitchen allows cooks to prepare 8 portions of marvelous, homemade paella. This pan is also

Traditionally, paella pans have been cast-iron, but with advances in culinary technology, enamel-finished pans are now a thing of the present, and future! This lovely pan is large enough to prepare paella for 8 and comes with a divider to make cooking paella far easier.

This pan has an enamel coat which means that cleaning is going to be far easier than a cast-iron paella pan. It is also very easy to maintain and makes the aftermath of a paella session far easier than it is normally. However, with every good thing, there are some trade offs. Unlike cast-iron, which can simply be reseasoned in the oven to remove rust, the same cannot be said for the enamel finish. While it can be used in the oven, should rust form, it cannot be reseasoned like cast iron. When it comes to cooking, the enamel finish reduces thermal conductivity, compared to cast-iron. This means that controlling the temperature of the pan is going to be a little trickier compared to cast-iron.

Having said that, this pan is of wonderful quality and when taken care of, will last its owners a lifetime. Not only that, but one will not need to soak this, or spend hours slaving away over the sink trying to scrub it clean. Every serious kitchen should have a paella pan, and this

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