Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Garcima Paella Stainless Steel Skimmer


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Made with excellence and promoting the very best quality, this stainless steel paella skimmer from Garcima is a must have in every kitchen!

The Garcima Paella Stainless Steel Skimmer is an important utensil to have in your kitchen, especially if cooking paella is a passion, or a regular occurrence for you. The skimmer is important due to the proportions of the paella pan. Paella pans are round, slightly flat, but most importantly, cover a large surface area. When cooking the ingredients of paella in this flat, large pan, one will find themselves being splashed with hot oil while turning, or readjusting the location of ingredients in the pan. The skimmer removes this dangerous and painful situation from the cooking process and allows the cook to access all parts of the pan with ease and safety. Just remember to not mix the rice after boiling it!

This is 50 cm long with a 12 cm head. The perfect size for any paella pan and the best tool for creating an epic paella!

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